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The availability, transparency and usability of electronic data nowadays is one of the most critical challenges in modern production industries.

ING-ON is specialized in the handling of complex and technical data structures, with the goal of using this data for a more efficient plant production. Our range of services is divided in three closely linked steps:

Our fields of activity Data Capture, Data Management and Analysis Models

All types of plants and production systems have become so complex that many critical decisions have to be made within a short time and based on properly consolidated data. The amount of available Data often is very big, confusing and difficult to manage. Our task is it to assure, that this data is captured systematically to be made available. With the correct data management and conditioning large amounts of data can be organised in a meaningful way. Only if this is the case, plant and production data can be effectively used with maximized benefits for the optimization of the plant production.

We supply our services in projects such as:

  • Capture of master data and build-up of data structures
  • Conditioning, analysis and evaluation of technical data
  • Migration of data and assistance in software implementation
  • Project management in the implementation of data capture applications 
  • Conception and development of database applications and software-tools
  • Development of Models for the analysis and prognosis of costs, needs and quality of complete production systems
  • Optimization of maintenance strategy with the method of Reliability Centererd Maintenance (RCM)
  • Analysis and evaluation of technical processes and equipment (FMECA)


Data Capture
We help you capture data within a systematic concept developed based on our expertise and using tools specially customized for your needs.
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Data Management
Our data management makes needed information available at the right time, to the right person and in the right format. If the required software is not yet available we can develop it for you.
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Analysis Models
To run statistics and calculations we also develop analysis models that are based on theoretical and practical knowledge. We maintain contact with universities to make our models both scientifically correct and pragmatic. Analysis models can be used for a simple quality check on already captured data or complex tools to predict complete production processes and their efficiency.

To use technical data for the optimization of processes and complete production systems we have developed our own concept, which also brought us a sponsorship from the BMWi (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) together with the University of Applied Sciences in Emden. We develop special analysis-models based on theoretical background and practical knowledge in order to make single processes or complex process chains calculable. Only with a few parameters and real process data a prognosis for different production situations can be made. This models are less time consuming than an actual physical simulation but accurate enough to uncover optimization potentials. This can be an optimization of raw material, process parameters and materials or technical equipment. The benefit of such a model is permanent! It can be used to monitor the production processes with Key-Performance-Indicators, to manage proccess quality assurance and to document the development of the process quality.
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ING-ON Data Engineering Process
ING-ON Data Engineering Process
Three steps combine and process difficult data to its best availability, transparency and usability. We use our concept to accompany your projects and make sure the project management is well organized and leads to a successful completion. During the whole project ING-ON provides the data management, quality assurance, reporting and monitoring. This reduces the efforts in planning, optimizes the communication and the whole documentation.

From our Projects:

Supply & Disposal Management
Datenmanagement: Ver- und Entsorgung Data management for two biomass power plants with centralised purchasing department
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