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ING-ON captures, analyses, assesses and saves plant information so that it can be used in different databases, migrated or used for plant optimization through analysis models.

Unsere Sicht auf Daten. Mittels Programmierung werden Informationen aus vielen Quellen zu einer zusammenhängenden Struktur transformiert.

Our view on data: With programming data from many sources is transformed into a unified data structure.

Typical services in the field of data capture are:

  • Assessment of data priority concerning technical and economic factors
  • Conditioning and retrieval of data from databases and archives
  • Migration of data including conditioning into a target format
  • Build-up of master data structures
  • Documentation
  • Creation of specifications and concepts for the data capture

Data is needed to gain knowledge from the plant itself, its processes and operation. Only if the data basis is good and complete, plant operation, maintenance and raw material supply can be done in an optimal way. To use data in the best possible way the quality, updates and structure of the information have to be set up according to the needs of the plant. This is exactly what we want to archive with our Data Capture Services.

Capture and migration of plant and process data

Analysis of maintenance and process data

Analysis of maintenance and process data

We capture information of processes, areas or complete plants with the purpose of documentation and re-usability. This is especially useful if master data is needed for the implementation of a new software, that requires a technical data structure (such as KKS, AKZ, EBL etc.), or if a needed documentation doesn’t exist or is incomplete. ING-ON captures the needed information and transforms it into the target format. It doesn’t matter if the information is on paper or scattered in many databases. The process of data capture and conditioning can be very time-consuming and often not only uses a lot of resources but also needs specific know-how, especially on how to organize the collection and how to get scattered data in the most effective way. ING-ON has a lot of experience in the field of data capture, migration and conditioning of information of all kind. We can deliver the data in the target format in short time.

Assessment and analysis of data

ING-ON supports plant operators to prioritize, reduce and assess data to use it for optimization. This could be for process/plant efficiency analysis or improvement of maintenance. We do FMEC-Analyses or optimize the maintenance strategy with the RCM-Methodology (Reliability Centered Maintenance). ING-ON offers knowledge to assess plant information concerning operation, efficiency and maintenance. Our customers can rely on our experience and gains a high quality analysis of their data. This saves both time and capacity.

Software especially developed for the data capture and management of RCM-Projects

Software especially developed for the data capture and management of RCM-Projects

Build-Up of data structures

We offer the complete build-up of master data structures (KKS, AKZ, EBL etc.) in consistent data models. The benefit of this is that the data can be directly related to processes and equipment. A modern plant consist of up to 40.000 devices and systems which can only be properly managed within a software, if this equipment is electronically stored in a data structure. ING-ON has a lot of experience in transforming big quantities of data into a structured data model, which can be implemented in a software.

From our Projects:

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