Application: Concept, development and implementation of a data management system for supply and disposal of two biomass power plants with a centralized purchasing department

Customer: Statkraft Markets GmbH, Düsseldorf
Branch: Renewable Energies
Project duration: 5 months plus 6 months support
Period: 2012 – 2013
Servicecategory: Data capture, data management
ING-ON Team: Martin Georgi, Christian Sellere

Internen und externen Kommunikation hinsichtlich Ver- und Entsorgung in einer Anwendung
Abgedeckte Bereiche der Ver- und Entsorgung
Rollenbasiert: Multi-User-Konzept mit Passwortschutz und Zugriffsrechten je nach Abteilung/Bereich
Übersichtliche Darstellung und benutzerfreundliche Oberflächen
Geführte Dateneingabe mit Fehlererkennung, Plausibilitätsprüfung und dynamischen Inhalten
Listen- und Detailansichten kombiniert. Sofortige Datenauswertung mit frei einstellbaren Filtern

 1. Requirements

The application was required to organize, document and monitor the supply and disposal of two biomass power plants, while the central purchasing department had to be able to optimize the selection of suppliers and raw material based on the data from the power plants. The solution had to be capable of processing around 20.000 deliveries/disposal per year while enabling 10-15 people to work with the software simultaneously.

2. Development and Implementation

Data capture
We analysed and documented the current state of the supply and disposal management. Together with the customer we
defined all parameters that needed to be captured and optimized the procedures, so that all requirements were fulfilled.

Data management
The developed concept was embedded into a data model and a database application. The application has functionalities such as user management, plausibility checks for entered data, master data administration, semi automatic data pre-selection, quality assurance with capture of analytic probes and an integrated semi automatic planning tool to decide when an analysis of the raw material has to be captured (probe density, intervals etc.). Machine processing times and unloading of raw material during delivery is also captured and all process steps and time stamps are tracked. A complete monitoring system with internal and external reporting was implemented. All data is available in easily accessible screens with interfaces to MS Excel, MS Access and SAP that assure the re-usability and synchronization of the data. 

3. Used Technologies/Software

ING-ON Project management, MS Access, VBA, SQL, MS Excel, SAP

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